Smart money - Etrading mentor

Are you interested in trading the stock market or the forex market? if so, the Etrading mentor can help you achieve this goal. We shall tell you what your broker does not want you to know when trading CFDs.

Research shows that about 75% of all retail traders lose their deposit within a few weeks of signing up. Our job is to help you avoid the mistakes made by novice traders. We help traders succeed by teaching them to trade consistently to generate profit. We do this by showing you how to avoid the “money-losing” narrative that most providers want you to follow. The professionals, on the other hand, understand this and have developed technics that help them succeed. Did you, for example, know that professional traders are not allowed to place a buy trade unless the market(index) is moving up? Maybe you did or maybe you didn’t. The point is most retail traders are not aware of this. The professionals will never teach this. This is because for them to make money, someone has to lose money and that is usually the retail traders.

There is a lot of misinformation out there all intended to mislead retail traders to lose their money. Today, we can help you become profitable without losing all your savings. Trading the stock market can be life-changing with the right kind of support and guidance. We shall guide you on technical analysis and how to use the technical indicators.

By the end of our mentorship program, you should be aware of the most common pitfalls and you can develop your own trading strategy. In addition, you get to trade with us and learn the tricks that help us trade profitably. A lot of people think our mentorship packages are expensive but the cost of going it on your own will be much higher. We see this all the time with new traders joining the market. They don’t have the patience to learn and develop their skills. Unfortunately, the loss can run over $100,000 and what follows is disappointment and eventually, they quit trading altogether. Be smart, make that call today.