Police have suspect over Vicki Ramadan

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Police have appealed for the public’s help as they close in on a suspect in the murder of a 77-year-old Melbourne woman.

Vicki Ramadan was found dead inside her Sydenham home in Melbourne’s north-west on April 6.

The slain Melbourne mother attended the Keilor Downs Police station on March 23 to report a dispute with someone.

Vicki Ramadan was found dead in her home on April 6.
Vicki Ramadan was found dead in her home on April 6. (9news)

Detectives and forensics recently returned to the home of Vicki Ramadan to take high-tech 3D scans of the crime scene on Monday.

That dispute is now a key area of focus for the murder probe, with police saying they know the nature of the argument and confirmed that the person involved is a suspect.

Vicki Ramadan’s sons joined police Detective Inspector Tim Day today calling for any information about the elderly woman, who died between March 23 and April 6 following a brutal assault.

“We have what we believe to be a motive for the murder and we believe we know what the dispute was about,” Day said.

Edji Zenel (left) and Dennis Ramadan (right). (9News)

Police said they have spoken to “hundreds” of people as part of the ongoing investigation, but are searching for witnesses who could give evidence to further strengthen their case.

“I would suggest that we are very confident that we can provide Vicki’s family with answers,” Day said.  

While investigators confirmed they were aware how Ms Ramadan’s died, they are not currently releasing that information to the public.

Handyman Stuart Anderson says he discovered his elderly neighbour’s body finding her back door broken into and Ms Ramadan lying in a pool of her own blood.

“It haunts me a little bit I won’t lie,” he told 9News earlier this year.  

“At the end of the day like I’m glad there’s photos of her on Facebook and the news and everything so I can actually sit here and remember her face as of that instead of for what I saw.

Day dismissed a group of squatters in a nearby house as having any involvement.

Ms Ramadan’s sons, Dennis Ramadan and Edji Zenel, said they want “closure” for the “horrendous” murder of their elderly mother who lived on her own following the death of her husband.

“She was independent, should not deserve to die in that manner,” Dennis said.

Vicki Ramadan was found bashed to death in her home on April 7. (A Current Affair)

The brothers remembered their mother as a “very strong” and “very independent” person who migrated from Yugoslavia and didn’t “take s–t from anyone”.

Although Ms Ramadan suffered from a “slight case of Parkinson’s,” Edji said his mother wouldn’t have let anyone “pull the wool over her eyes”.

The pair say they just wanted their mother’s killer to “come forward”.

“We don’t want members of the public to be faced with someone like that who can have the ability to commit such a horrendous act,” Edji said.

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