Ad placement terms and condition - Etrading mentor

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please note that advertisers are responsible for any material published on the banners. It is the advertiser’s duty to ensure that all content published in the banners adheres to all applicable laws. The site owners are not liable for any information published on the banners.
  2. Unless the advertiser is on a yearly plan, all payments are due 15 days after the date of publication on the website.
  3. For the purposes of this insertion order, the website unless otherwise stated means
  4. The site owners reserve the right to refuse all materials deemed inappropriate subject to giving a 7 days notice to the advertiser.
  5. The site owners may in some case request proof of the authenticity of any information published in by the advertisers on the site. In addition, the site owners may wish to conduct due diligence to ensure the content is authentic.
  6. Advertisers must not put any information intended to mislead the site users and shall be liable for any losses arising from any fraudulent or misleading material published in the banners.
  7. The advertisers may at any time cancel their order upon giving a 15 days’ notice.
  8. All banners should adhere to common decency and should not contain materials that may be deemed offensive to human dignity based on race, gender, religion or belief.
  9. This insertion order is subject to the terms and condition of use as stipulated in the website, and includes terms relating to privacy and publication of materials on the site.